Internal project management can be time-consuming, costly and inefficient.Why not let G2 handle the headaches? We have an experienced group of project managers who know what is required to keep a project on time and on budget. We have extensive experience in protecting building owners by enforcing regulations and ensuring worker safety, both of which are critical to a project’s success.

We can help you keep a project on time and on budget.

Project management/air monitoring elements include:

  • Project oversight and management of the remediation and reconstruction activities, as well as site coordination with the owner, general contractor, trades, and facility employees
  • Onsite air monitoring to document levels of airborne asbestos during the project
  • Hazard communication to inform all employees and trades of the abatement project and location
  • Visual inspections of the job site to verify that all workspaces are clean, safe, and serviceable to the next trade
  • Clearance protocols and sampling to protect the building owner and remediation contractor, as well as meeting regulatory requirements
  • Closeout documentation that details the abatement project and provides a final archive document
  • The implementation of a well-organized training program for all staff
  • Procedures for site engineering/maintenance employees to handle emergency situations
  • Requirements for periodic inspections, testing and record-keeping
  • Documentation and record keeping procedures to ensure that adequate data is collected and maintained to protect the owner and building occupants