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IH Process Monitoring

Before you install a new piece of equipment or standardize a new process, G2 conducts monitoring, helping identify and prevent hazards before you begin so you can hit the ground running.  We help mitigate health and environmental risks, establishing a baseline prior to full production.

G2 helps identify and prevent hazards before you begin so you can hit the ground running.

A pre-production risk assessment will identify permitting requirements, necessary personal protective equipment and essential training requirements. For example:

  • Identifying if a new piece of equipment will require hearing protection, or if noise dampening equipment can be installed to minimize worker exposure and prevent the need for a hearing protection program.
  • Identifying if a solvent used in a process could it be substituted for a less harmful yet equally effective water based solution, minimizing PPE and disposal costs.
  • Conducting pre-production monitoring, ensuring that a new piece of equipment with new materials does not release harmful by-products which may cause discomfort or risk.
  • Some studies have demonstrated that improved air quality increases work performance and bi-annual sampling can be conducted  to identify issues before they escalate.
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