Why perform industrial hygiene sampling?

As published by OSHA, one of the most important steps toward reducing the risk of impaired health resulting from inhalation of toxic chemicals is the measurement and evaluation of employee exposure to these chemicals.

Employer responsibilities

To protect the health of employees, exposure measurements must be unbiased, representative samples of employee exposure.

  • Know your professional responsibilities
  • Employers must:
  • Devise sampling plans to evaluate occupational exposures to airborne concentrations of chemical substances.
  • Determine the need for exposure measurement
  • Evaluate exposure measurement data
  • Make decisions concerning what action is required by Federal regulations.

G2 Industrial Hygiene Sampling

Chemical sampling and analysis is conducted by G2 professionals to assess workplace contaminants and associated worker exposures. The validity of an assessment is based, in part, on the procedures used for sample collection and analysis and data interpretation. Many procedures have been refined throughout the years and are accepted as good practice.  Additionally, G2 takes an individual approach to industrial hygiene sampling so that we can better meet our client’s unique needs.

The Exposure Assessment Process

Based on the job tasks to be performed, the exposure assessment, or sampling process, consists of gathering as much information as possible to characterize the types, durations and frequencies of hazards encountered during the workday. This information is gathered both by quantitative and qualitative avenues.  Based on the outcome of the sampling, G2 will make suggestions for engineering, administrative and PPE controls in order to reduce the potential employee exposures that may exist and keep you in compliance with OSHA regulations.

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