A full risk assessment is good due diligence.  Results can be used for compliance, and help identify issues to keep your company safe, healthy and happy.  G2‘s assessments can be used to identify whether you require a hearing protection program, help identify the appropriate PPE for the job and identify whether current health and safety programs are adequate.

G2 can help eliminate risk and reduce PPE headaches and cost.


  • Employees may have a concern regarding chemical smell.  Exposure monitoring will provide detailed analysis of the exposure, comparison with regulatory and industry standard recommendations on how to minimize exposure.
  • Is your hearing protection adequate? Your PPE? Could you show the inspector why you chose those ear plugs, respirator cartridges or gloves for the task? G2 helps organizations evaluate their PPE and ensure they match the job.  Through G2’s comprehensive industrial hygiene services, can help businesses eliminate risk, reduce PPE costs and be an industry leader in workplace health and safety.