G2 Provides Industrial Hygiene Assessment Services for Portland, OR, Brewery

When a Portland brewery contracted G2 Consultants to ensure their employees’ exposure levels were within the recommended range, our technicians performed an industrial hygiene assessment.


The process of brewing beer and other beverages can expose employees to a variety of respiratory and noise hazards. With their staff’s safety in mind, our client reached out to G2 for testing services and recommendations. Specifically, the brewery asked us to test for occupational exposure to crystalline silica, ozone, carbon dioxide, and noise.


Ensuring compliance with OSHA and other regulatory standards can be confusing and complicated for companies to sort out on their own. That’s where G2 comes in. Not only can we help businesses navigate compliance requirements, but we provide testing services and recommendations if standards are not met. Consistent industrial hygiene assessments keep employees safe, reduce or eliminate fines, and lower other expenses like workers’ compensation.


After being contracted by the brewery’s management, G2 Consultants sent in industrial hygiene technicians to perform various assessments over the course of an eight-hour period. These included assessments for respirable crystalline silica, respirable dust, ozone, indoor air quality, and personal noise monitoring.

Respirable Crystalline Silica & Dust
Measuring one employee for exposure to respirable crystalline silica and dust, G2’s industrial hygienists found levels lower than the recommended standards. However, we made recommendations for ways to further reduce airborne contaminants in the brewery’s workplace.

Sampling ozone levels for one employee during the eight-hour period, our technicians found the level of exposure below the industry limits. Therefore, no changes were recommended other than continued monitoring.

Indoor Environmental Quality
During the assessment of the brewery’s IEQ, our industrial hygienists sampled multiple factors, including carbon dioxide, temperature, and relative humidity, in one location. While the carbon dioxide levels showed lower than the recommended limit during some sampling, the average was higher than recommended. Both temperature and relative humidity showed levels within the recommended range. G2 encouraged regular monitoring to ensure carbon dioxide levels do not continue to fluctuate.

Personal Noise Dosimetry
Monitoring two employees over the eight-hour period, G2’s noise dosimetry results (when projected over a regular 10-hour work shift) found that both experienced higher than standard exposure limits. In addition, the levels of ambient noise also registered higher than standard limits.

G2 Consultants, therefore, made several recommendations:

  • Establishment and maintenance of an audiometric testing program
  • Noise reduction when the exposure limit is reached
  • Provide PPE to employees


Our client appreciated our quick response and G2’s thorough assessment of workplace hazards. Thanks to our recommendations, the brewery was empowered to make necessary changes to keep their employees safe and ensure regulatory compliance. Our expert industrial hygienists are professionally educated and trained to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and develop controls for occupational health hazards and indoor environmental issues. G2 is known for creating customized approaches to protect workplace safety and compliance through this exact approach.

Contact us today for your industrial hygiene service needs. Our team, composed of credentialed professionals with extensive experience, can provide the tools, assessment services, and expertise you need to keep your employees, customers, and workplace safe.