G2 Oversees Risk Assessments at Portland-Based Foundry

Steel being formed at a foundry

Many large organizations, especially those in the manufacturing and production industries, have internal safety and health metrics that often exceed regulatory requirements. When a company’s corporate division ordered an environmental health and safety (EHS) audit to be performed at a foundry in Portland, G2 Consultants created and executed a series of safety risk assessments on their manufacturing operations, ensuring each task and operation at the facility were thoroughly evaluated.


Recently, a foundry, which produces metal components for the construction and mining industries contacted G2 for assistance. The foundry was instructed by their corporate division to conduct safety risk assessments on manufacturing operations. With limited time to complete, they turned to G2 Consultants to create risk assessment documents for every single task and operation at the facility.

Not only are these safety risk assessments considered to be “best practice” by OSHA, they serve as practical educational tools for the workforce, since they require employees to break down each task performed, identify hazards, and determine what control measures are present or needed to keep them safe.

Performing Risk Assessments

G2 worked alongside foundry employees to execute and complete more than two hundred risk assessments for their casting and finishing operations. This process required numerous steps for each task, including:

  1. Observing each operation alongside a designated representative.
  2. Breaking down each process into step-by-step tasks.
  3. Documenting hazards and subsequent control measures for each task of the operation.
  4. Quantifying overall risks based on likelihood of occurrence and severity of the outcome.

For example, in a melt and pour operation, G2 observed the task of melting metal in an induction furnace. Then, they identified several potential hazards to employees conducting this operation, and determined there was extreme risk associated with the task, given the exposure to extreme heat, the potential of getting burned when working with molten metal and sparks, and the high noise level. G2 then provided suggestions for comprehensive control measures, to mitigate risks and maintain operators’ safety. These included developing policies for requiring workers to rotate from hot to cool tasks, and to wear a specific set of personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.


Due to the large number of safety risk assessments that were conducted, G2 provided the foundry many customized recommendations. In situations where there were not adequate control measures in place to address the hazards present, they flagged these situations as “high priority” so that the client could address it quickly.


Due to G2’s thorough review of the manufacturing processes, the foundry has implemented a number of new protocols at the facility, to ensure that employees can operate safely and efficiently. They are confident they will pass their upcoming audit.

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