G2 Audits University Health and Safety Plans

Back in 2016, G2 Consultants conducted an initial chemical hygiene program audit and program review of a university’s health and safety plans. Recently, a follow-up evaluation reviewed the status of the programs, identified deficiencies or areas where improvements were needed, documented areas of compliance, conducted institutional benchmarking and provided recommendations to enhance compliance with state and federal regulations.


Organizations in the public sector often encounter resource and budgetary challenges. At the same time, they are required to develop plans that ensure the health and safety of students and faculty and effectively and efficiently achieve regulatory compliance. G2 Consultants performed an initial audit of the health and safety plans at a university in 2016, and were recently invited back to the institution to conduct a follow-up evaluation. The new audit would help to ensure that the university remained in compliance and would also offer additional feedback for further improvement.

Evaluation efforts

Over the course of a few weeks, G2 Consultants conducted interviews with key university stakeholders in the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) facilities and science departments to gain a clear understanding of the current state of approximately 30 regulatory required safety programs, ranging from confined spaces, lockout/tagout (LOTO), accident investigations, record keeping, hazard communication and forklift operations. G2 Consultants reviewed these particular programs for the purpose of auditing to regulatory standards, as well as to align with industry best practices. Additionally, G2 conducted benchmarking exercises to compare the university with other similar institutions, gauging staffing capabilities and program management procedures.

G2 Recommendations

Many of the areas where G2 observed deficiencies were correlated to lack of resources, including reduced funding or minimal personnel to write or implement necessary programs. G2 provided the university a findings report, which detailed where improvements in each program needed to be made. This helped the university understand where specific attention was needed and how to prioritize efforts given limited resources and time. Additionally, G2 has made themselves available to assist the university with implementation of these programs as needed.

About G2 Consultants

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