Approximately 90% of all occupational accidents, illnesses and injuries can be directly attributed to worker error. Modification at an organizational level to change behaviors and improve conditions is a proven step in creating a workplace culture of safety and health.

G2 can help you strategize to change behaviors, improving your safety culture.

G2 can help identify roots causes that lead to recordable injuries, property damage, loss time and fatalities. Our safety professionals have years of experience implementing proactive initiatives that focus on sustainable behavioral change and continual safety and health performance improvement. We can assist in:

  • Job Hazard Analysis Creation
  • Employee Observation Program
  • Management Feedback and Communication Improvement
  • Safety Incentive and Discipline Procedures
  • Employee Training
  • Policy Enforcement Techniques
  • Organizational Goal Setting

We tailor our services specifically to you and your company. No organization or industry is alike, which is why we believe close collaboration between client and consultant is necessary to develop and accomplish realistic goals. G2 can help your business become an industry benchmark for health, safety and performance.