Many of our clients already understand the importance of health and safety programs when they come to us. They genuinely care about the wellbeing of their employees. They’ve read the literature and know safety pays.

They know that companies with effective safety and health management programs significantly reduce worker injuries and illnesses, and the company’s bottom line is positively affected by fewer workers’ compensation payments, lower medical and insurance expenses and increased productivity.

Over 60% of chief financial officers reported that each dollar invested in injury prevention returns $2 or more and 40% said productivity is the top benefit of an effective workplace safety program.

Each prevented lost-time injury or illness saves $37,000, and each avoided occupational fatality saves $1,390,000.

Many businesses are struggling to find practical ways to reduce these kinds of costs. And though many of our clients express a sincere desire to put safety first, they don’t always know how or where to start to make effective changes on their own.

Workplace Safety

Technology and scientific advancements constantly change the landscape of the work environment. G2’s safety, indoor environmental and engineering experts combine decades of knowledge of safety’s strengths with the latest technological advancements in order to always understand what factors cause workplace health and safety issues and the best methods to prevent them.

The total estimated national cost of occupational injuries in the United States in 2019 was approximately $171 billion. Time lost due to work-related injuries was 105 million days.

Behavioral-based Safety

Employee behavior is complex and extensively researched. It is easy to count the number of incidents that occurred. What’s much more difficult and important to find out is how and why incidents occurred and to develop preventative measures to stop them from happening again. It is not enough to just talk about safety. Safety has to become about actions.

Anticipating workplace dangers is just the first step toward establishing successful health and safety management programs. Evaluating, implementing, and maintaining the programs are all part of creating a successful safety climate.

Safety climate has become an important term in recent years. It is described as employees’ shared perceptions of the relative priority of safety in an organization.

To understand why adverse health and safety events occur, we must delve into the beliefs, practices and attitudes that shape employees’ safety behaviors. These intangible factors are cumulatively known as the company’s safety culture.

Safety culture is at the core of a company’s safety climate. Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety developed a method to assess a company’s safety climate by surveying workers about management’s commitment to and support of safety and health. Assessing a company’s safety climate can help companies make continuous safety improvements at the most important time – before accidents happen.

Health and Safety Audits

G2 is a qualified, independent agency that provides health and safety audits to prepare clients to meet corporate policy goals and regulatory compliance requirements.

We work with clients to complete safety audits, perform hazard assessments, and update personal protective equipment (PPE). We also provide comprehensive industrial hygiene project management for firms that require more complex air and noise assessment and regulatory reporting.

Fire & Life Safety

Codes and regulations were established to protect the public’s health and safety during the occupancy or construction of a building. Testing, repairing and maintaining fire and life safety systems in a building can make the difference between a small, contained fire and a complete catastrophe.

Ensuring that fire and life safety operations meet code requirements saves lives in the event of an emergency. We work with clients to comply with fire and building codes and keep building occupants safe in fire and emergency situations.

Contract Safety Services

Clients hire us to perform the same duties as a full-time health and safety professional. Our highly experienced, certified experts work side-by-side with clients in their place of business to ensure compliance on every level.

Navigating regulatory compliance issues with organizations including OSHA, MSHA, and the U.S. EPA can be time-consuming and costly. G2 helps bridge the compliance gap by conducting exposure assessments in the field. Our sampling strategies and reporting align with all applicable regulatory agencies’ requirements and provide clear recommendations for the next logical course of action.

G2 consultants provide clients with strategic methods to prevent injuries, reduce operational costs and improve production, performance and corporate safety culture. Our consulting services include:  

  • Turnkey Risk Management and Feasibility Studies
  • GAP analysis and Implementation Planning
  • Risk/Exposure Evaluations
  • Liability/Loss Mitigation and Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Reduction Studies
  • Organizational Goal Setting
  • Contingency Planning

G2’s team of professional, certified health and safety consultants are currently working with clients in the following areas:

  • Exposure Assessments
  • Personal Noise Dosimetry and Facility Sound Level Surveys
  • Chemical Exposure Assessments
  • Dust and Particulate (e.g. crystalline silica, wood dust, etc.)
  • Metals (e.g. welding fumes, hexavalent chromium)
  • Hazard Identification and Safety Audits
  • Machine Guarding and Engineering Control Evaluations
  • Basic Safety Walk Through/Audits
  • Training for Employees and Contractors
  • Basic Structure and Purpose of a Safety Committee
  • Incident & Accident Investigation
  • Personal Protective Equipment Assessments
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Respiratory Protection Services (CFR 1910.134) including:
    • Fit Testing (Quantitative & Qualitative)
    • Training (e.g. Use, Care & Maintenance)
    • Evaluations of Supplied Air Systems (e.g. Grade D)

G2 is also well-equipped for OSHA response.

Total Risk Solutions

G2’s team of safety and health professionals can provide high-quality audits with actionable recommendations that help organizations meet and exceed regulatory compliance.

Types of audits include:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Program Audits
  • Management Audits

At G2 we understand the science involved and the regulations that must be adhered to. We provide specific, relevant information so you understand your options and make solid business decisions.

Contact us for any of the following health and safety services:

Workplace health and safety programs are about much more than hard hats and earplugs. Their importance and value are on par with other corporate metrics such as sales revenue, customer retention and gross margins. G2 is your “Go To” firm for a truly collaborative approach in nurturing a cooperative and effective safety climate.