Water intrusion events can be costly, and they can lead to bigger problems if not handled properly. G2 specializes in preventative planning and emergency response to ensure that you experience the least amount of disruption possible from a water intrusion event. All of our staff are trained in IICRC standard procedures. Our goal is always to make sure any damage is mitigated properly to prevent microbial issues in the future.

We assist you in taking a proactive approach to water intrusion.

G2 is both proactive and reactive. We help building owners manage risk by identifying water intrusion problems, developing a strategy to mitigate any damage and prevent further damage from occurring. We also help develop a maintenance plan to minimize the risk of water intrusion, as well as processes and procedures for responding to minor events before they become large fungal growth issues.

G2 can help the owners of any structure respond to and solve microbial and water intrusion issues. Our approach ensures that all aspects of mitigation, remediation, reconstruction, and close-out documentation are handled in a professional manner that minimizes risk.