Unusual Odors in a Commercial Facility: Investigating Potential Air Quality Issues

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Out-of-the-ordinary odors in commercial, public and work environments can be troublesome to diagnose. They can also be concerning to occupants, particularly when they’re observed to be “moldy” or “musty” in nature.

Exposures to an elevated presence of airborne fungal spores or other air quality issues can cause a host of health issues, especially if not corrected promptly. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to err on the side of caution when faced with potential mold and air quality issues.

Such was the decision made by a general manager of a retail location in Deptford, New Jersey. When the building occupants observed a continuous musty odor, the general manager requested G2’s expertise to properly address the occupants’ concerns through visual inspection and microbial air sampling services.

Adhering to industry best practices, G2 performed a visual inspection and conducted representative microbial air sampling throughout the areas of concern. During the field work, G2’s experienced industrial hygienist discussed the nature of the air sampling, including considerations and limitations, to help the client make informed decisions about obtaining the most valuable information for their situation.

For this project, the client was relieved that no environmental quality issues were revealed. The likely cause of the concerning odor was identified, and G2 provided recommendations for both corrective actions and to address future air quality concerns, including:

  • Keeping a detailed log of environmental factors before, during and after malodors are observed. This includes weather conditions, time of day, HVAC system usage, foot traffic, known water intrusion events and other factors
  • As needed, retain a qualified restoration professional to promptly address any future water intrusion through industry best practices to avoid incurring additional loss

As states and cities re-evaluate COVID-19 restrictions, many facilities that have not been normally occupied for months are being reopened. G2 Consultants offers facility start-up services to help proactively identify and address potential health and safety risks that may have developed while the facility was closed.

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