G2 Provides Environmental Testing for Woodburn, OR residence

Wildfire in the Pacific Northwest

After multiple wildfires in the area, a Woodburn, OR, resident contacted G2 consultants to perform combustible constituents sampling for ash, soot, and char contaminants in her home and HVAC system.


Wildfires near a residence can cause environmental contaminants such as ash, soot, and char to enter the home through windows, vents, and HVAC systems. These contaminants can cause damage to electrical systems and the interior and exterior of a home as well as present severe hazards to residents’ health.

Our client had these concerns after several wildfires affected the area around her home in Woodburn, OR. In addition, her insurance company requested testing in the interior and HVAC system to determine if remediation would be necessary. After receiving the call, G2 Consultants’ Environmental Testing team jumped into action.


For residences and businesses, the quality of the indoor environment affects the health of people who spend time there. Ensuring the air quality, lighting, thermal conditions, and ergonomics are up to health and safety standards is essential for homeowners and employers alike. That’s where G2 Consultants comes in. We provide testing services for all types of environmental hazards, and our technicians are experienced in developing effective and efficient remediation plans.


Two environmental testing technicians from G2 arrived at our client’s home to collect samples from six areas, including a living room window sill, the top of a bathroom light fixture, a bedroom window sill, the dining room floor, inside the HVAC unit, and the hallway air return. After collection, the samples were tested for the three unique contaminants found after fires—ash, soot, and char.

The living room sample contained a five percent ash concentration, and the dining room showed no contamination (ash, soot, or char). The other five locations showed trace amounts of ash (less than one percent).

None of the locations tested showed any traces of soot contamination.

The living room sample found a three percent char concentration, and the master bedroom sample contained a two percent concentration. The remaining three samples (excluding the dining room) showed trace amounts of char.

Between one and ten percent concentration is considered minor contamination. Therefore, G2 provided the following recommendations for our client:

  • Living spaces should be cleaned by qualified professionals following the IICRC guidelines, which include but are not limited to:
    • Using a HEPA vacuum to remove smoke particles from the ceiling, walls, and floor
    • Cleaning contents and upholsteries with a HEPA vacuum


Our client was pleased with our quick response and G2’s professional report to provide to her insurance company. Not only did our client gain peace of mind from the testing, but she appreciated our recommendations for cleaning to eliminate the minor char and ash contaminants in her home.

Our vast experience has taught us that there are no cookie-cutter solutions to indoor environmental concerns. We apply knowledge from decades of experience to construct a fresh view of the processes and procedures that are unique for each client.

Contact us today for your environmental testing service needs. Our team, composed of credentialed professionals with extensive experience, can provide the tools, assessment services, and expertise you need to keep your home and workplace safe.