G2 Conducts Fungal Assessment at Commercial Space in Chicago, IL

Addressing fungal growth quickly–particularly after it has been spotted visually–is critical to preventing adverse health symptoms and limiting the concerns of the building’s occupants. G2 was recently called upon to conduct a comprehensive fungal assessment for a retail location in Chicago, Illinois.

A staff member noticed the suspect mold growth while moving items away from a wall in the rear storage area. G2 was asked to inspect the commercial space to address concerns about the fungal growth, as well as determine what, if any, moisture-related issues were present.

The Project

During G2’s on-site investigation, we visually confirmed the suspected mold growth along the base of the wall, and determined the growth also extended to two adjacent walls. The affected wall system was a shared wall with an interior corridor. We gained access to the corridor in order to confirm the extent of the affected building materials; during this inspection, G2 discovered mold growth behind the cove base of the corridor’s wall.

The employees reported this shared corridor had experienced multiple prior instances of flooding from the tenant spaces above over the past year. Water extraction services had been performed, but the wall systems were not aerated and the adjacent areas were not addressed. The poorly executed water extraction services ultimately resulted in the mold growth that was identified, both along the base of the corridor wall systems and in the adjacent commercial space.

Along with the visual investigation, at the request of the client, we conducted microbial air sampling to evaluate the concerns regarding occupant exposure to the mold growth. While air sampling revealed no elevated presence of airborne fungal spore concentrations, the identified mold growth required remediation measures.

Solution and Recommendations

On the client’s behalf, G2 developed mold remediation protocols and retained a qualified restoration professional to remediate the affected building materials, adhering to widely-accepted industry standards of practice. Before starting the remediation work, we established engineering controls to prevent any cross-contamination and limit the amount of mold spores being spread while the work was done.

Following remediation, G2 conducted a verification inspection to ensure the work area was safe for the employees’ return.

About G2

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