Addressing Water Damage Concerns in Michigan with an Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment

As a resource, water is vitally important. When it comes to buildings and facilities, however, water intrusion can be the start of potentially serious health effects for building occupants. Not only can intruding stormwater damage the structural integrity of a building, it often ends up being a catalyst for potentially harmful mold growth.

The occupants of a medical facility in Michigan were concerned about their indoor environment after observing water damage along the ceiling tiles of the lunch room, triage room and a procedure room. Though it’s problematic for any facility to experience poor indoor environmental conditions, it’s particularly troublesome for medical facilities–mold exposures can especially affect those with compromised health.

G2 was called on to perform a mold assessment that included a limited visual inspection, microbial air sampling and basic indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring. During the visual inspection, our industrial hygienist observed evidence of a likely water intrusion issue along the roof system above the ceiling plenum, which appeared to repeatedly allow stormwater intrusion to occur above the lunch and triage rooms. A condensation issue was identified to be causing the visible water damage in the procedure room.

The results of the microbial air sampling and IAQ monitoring did not reveal any IAQ issues–aside from low relative humidity (RH). Low RH can cause some minor irritation to the eyes, throat and skin, but no other major air quality concerns were present.

To prevent further damage and future issues, G2 recommended the facility retain qualified industry professionals to address the stormwater intrusions along the roof system, as well as to assess the facility’s air conditioning system. Following these corrective actions, G2 also recommended replacement of the stained ceiling tiles and monitoring for signs of future water intrusions.

Indoor environmental quality is an important factor for the health and safety of building occupants. It’s particularly relevant for buildings that have been closed for several months due to COVID-19. G2 Consultants provides facility start-up services to help proactively identify and address potential health and safety risks that may have developed while the facility was closed.

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