Indoor Environmental Testing

Environmental testing includes chemical testing, biological and physical factors that affect the health and safety of people in workplaces, homes and buildings. Analyzing indoor environmental factors helps direct our efforts to assist clients in all health and safety endeavors. Results from indoor environmental inspection and testing can act as guideposts along the route to the safest, healthiest environment possible.

G2 works with leading laboratories to provide reliable, high-quality indoor environmental testing services to a wide range of industrial companies, contractors, retailers, and public and government agencies.

Our cutting-edge technology allows for many tests to be performed non-invasively and gives our clients immediate feedback.

Lead Testing Services

Lead is found in paint and materials in schools, businesses, homes and other public places. G2 uses the latest technological advancements to offer top-quality lead testing services.

We are one of the few environmental testing companies to use an x-ray fluorescence device (XRF) for lead testing. The XRF allows us to test for lead without cutting holes in walls or ceilings. It also produces immediate feedback. G2 experts provide quick, accurate lead testing results and then partner with clients to remediate any lead-related issues.

Mold Testing Services

Long before you see mold on a wall or ceiling, it has had ample time to thrive and release spores into the air you breathe. One of the most concerning of the many mold types is Stachybotrys chartarum or “black mold,” also referred to as “toxic mold.” It is a leading cause of chronic sinus infections, breathing problems and other allergy symptoms.

Many times, mold cannot be seen while it lingers inside walls and around leaky pipes or air ducts, contaminating indoor air. G2 uses many tools during the course of a mold assessment, including thermal imaging and moisture meters, in order to show where moisture may be present in the building or home.

Radon Testing Services

Radon is a naturally occurring chemical gas that leads to cancer and other health conditions when ingested or inhaled over time. Radon Act 51, passed by Congress, sets the natural outdoor level of radon gas (0.4 pCi/L) as the target radon level for indoor radon levels.

An alarming two-thirds of all homes exceed this target level. Because radon is tasteless and odorless, many people don’t suspect its presence.

Radon testing is the only way to know if indoor radon levels exceed the recommended exposure limit. We offer professional radon testing and laboratory services so you can make informed decisions to keep people safe. We also provide objective documentation on the current radon levels in your business or school, which is useful for radon mitigation and building sales.

Asbestos Testing Services

Long-term exposure to asbestos is linked to many negative health effects, including respiratory infections and cancer. Due to its presence in many buildings, it is important to test for asbestos. Asbestos testing is the only way to confirm an asbestos problem.

Water Testing Services

Clean water is essential to the health and safety of the people in your home, business, or school. Radon, lead, and many other chemicals can build up in the water without any indication of their presence. It is vitally important to test the water to find out what harmful contaminants may be present. The only way to know what dangerous chemicals are in your water is to test for them. G2 offers a range of water testing services to meet each client’s unique needs.

Chemical Testing

Chemicals are common in manufacturing industries and must be handled safely. Maintaining or achieving OSHA compliance is critical to workplace success and productivity. G2’s quick and accurate chemical testing services educate clients about chemicals in their workplace or product.

G2 is experienced at providing testing that keeps people and products safe in all industries including pharmaceuticals, plastics and automotive equipment. Each client has specific testing needs for chemical contamination, trace chemicals, metals, and other chemical elements. G2 works closely with clients to create individualized testing processes.

Indoor Environmental Testing / Indoor Air Quality Testing

The term “Indoor Air Quality” (IAQ) characterizes the condition of the air inside a building. “Indoor Environmental Quality” (IEQ) is a broader term that describes occupant comfort in a built environment. IEQ goes further and includes sound, vibration, lighting and other variables that impact the comfort of building occupants.

Many employee health complaints can be attributed to IEQ or IAQ problems. Symptoms such as headaches, severe fatigue, sinusitis, rhinitis, and asthma often appear while an employee is at work but dissipate when the employee leaves the building. This is known as “sick building syndrome” or “building-related illness.” Those suffering from sick building syndrome suspect but haven’t confirmed a specific cause for their symptoms. In building-related illnesses, a diagnosis is attributed directly to airborne building contaminants.

G2 professionals are experts in testing indoor air quality and offering clients real solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our goal at G2 is to help you provide a safe, clean and compliant work environment so that your employees are happy, healthy and productiveAllow G2 to be your “Go To” partner for all your environmental testing needs.

Our clients have concerns such as selling their property, obtaining pre-approval for building permits, and the overall health of employees. They partner with our team of highly qualified environmental testing consultants and leading laboratories to receive the necessary information to make informed decisions and move forward with their business plans.