Odor Complaints: Resolving odor issues doesn’t have to be stressful

Through investigation and sampling, G2 can often determine where smells are coming from and if they are harmful.   We customize our investigation to best suit the client by conducting a thorough inspection prior to sampling. Sometimes, a basic solution such as a change in ventilation or the removal of a particular cleaning agent is all it takes to solve the problem. For more in-depth investigations, G2 works with you to look at all the possibilities, perform any necessary strategic sampling, and deliver results. Our goal is always to work with you and your staff to identify the problem, determine if it is hazardous, and fix it.

A common question among business owners and managers is, “How can I tell if I have an odor issue, or Indoor Air Quality problem in my workplace

There are several factors that lead companies to pursue odor complaint investigations.  Ask yourself, “Is my workplace feeling hot and stuffy? Is there a noticeable unpleasant musty odor?”  Employees may complain about health-related symptoms that occur during work, such as headaches, feeling unusually tired, fever, shortness of breath or cough, but the symptoms seem to go away when they leave the workplace. In some cases, there can be more serious problems.  The two most common workplace odor related illnesses are asthma and pneumonia (Legionnaires’ Disease and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis).

Indoor Air Quality

The term Indoor Air Quality characterizes the condition of the air within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.

What are the most common causes of indoor air quality or odor complaints in buildings?

  •         Poor upkeep of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems
  •         Dampness and moisture damage due to leaks, flooding or high humidity
  •         Not enough ventilation, lack of fresh outdoor air or contaminated air being brought into the building
  •         Occupant activities, such as construction or remodeling
  •         Indoor and outdoor contaminated air

How Can G2 Help You?

Although there is no single test to find an IAQ problem, G2 consultants can check measurements of temperature, humidity, airflow and investigate causes when necessary. Whatever the cause, G2’s environmental consulting services are here to partner with you in creating a healthy working environment.