G2 Provides Turn-Key Indoor Environmental Consulting Services

We are well-versed in federal and state indoor environmental quality requirements and intimately understand our clients’ needs. G2 Consultants have worked in dozens of industries, all posing unique challenges, to achieve compliance with federal and state regulations. When we say “turn-key,” we truly mean we take care of everything. We provide all of the expertise, information, and problem-solving necessary for managing our clients’ indoor environmental concerns.

We work side-by-side with clients to establish a compliance monitoring system, and we make continual improvements to the system to keep up with industry standards and best practices. We ensure clients continue to meet regulations and avoid costly mistakes, fines or legal actions.

Environmental Consulting Free Managers to Focus on their Own Work.

Hand your concerns over to us rather than watch your human resources manager, purchasing manager, or plant manager struggle with the intricacies of compliance details. Free your managers to focus on their job while they enjoy constant access to us for any questions. We are always available to help with any issue.

Environmental Consulting Reduce Costs

In the hands of our experts, compliance with indoor environmental regulations is not just a good legal and ethical decision but also a solid financial one. We take care of all the headaches and hassles while you reap the economic benefits. By achieving and maintaining compliance with laws and regulations, companies lower the chances of worker injuries and save money.

In a 2012 study conducted by California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), companies were able to reduce injuries with no job loss.

The study showed a 9.4% drop in injury claims and a 26% average savings on workers’ compensation costs in the four years after a Cal/OSHA inspection compared to a similar set of uninspected workplaces.

Conclusions show that on average, inspected firms saved an estimated $355,000 in injury claims and compensation paid for lost work over that period.

Once our team of professionals assesses a client’s indoor environmental challenges and needs, we create a compliance plan to help them operate more effectively and efficiently.

After we establish and implement a compliance plan, clients benefit from:

  • Reduced workers’ compensation payouts.
  • Reduced insurance premiums.
  • Avoiding and minimizing costly OSHA and EPA violations.
  • Eliminating the need for a full-time safety manager.
  • Increasing the health and safety of employees.


We customize our investigation to best suit our clients’ needs.

Our vast experience has taught us that there are no cookie-cutter solutions to indoor environmental concerns. We apply knowledge from decades of experience to construct a fresh view of the processes and procedures that are unique for each client. We investigate all possible issues in the workplace environment, including indoor air quality, odor complaints, health complaints and mold and water intrusion.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality refers to how a building’s air affects the health and comfort of its occupants. If a building’s indoor air is harboring volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold spores, asbestos, lead or other pollutants, employees are inhaling these on a daily basis. Some of these pollutants cause only minor health issues. But others can be deadly when inhaled or ingested over time. For example, asbestos is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and is still found in buildings throughout the country.

Indoor air contaminants cause short- and long-term illnesses with symptoms that may be immediate or take years to show. A solid defense against indoor air pollution includes proper ventilation, regular maintenance and proactively testing for the presence of contaminants.

Odor Complaints

Odor concerns may seem like trivial matters that can be laughed off. But failing to address employee concerns about odors can potentially lead to liability issues for an employer.

All odor complaints should be investigated. Certain odors may simply be irritating, but others may have biological or chemical properties that could lead to employee illness. G2 investigates odor complaints to find the cause and evaluate their harm potential. Our consultants then help you remediate the problem, allowing your employees to focus on work rather than obnoxious odors in the workplace.

Health Complaints

We take employee health complaints seriously and thoroughly investigate all potential causes. Many employee health complaints can be attributed to indoor air quality or indoor environmental problems. Symptoms such as headaches, severe fatigue, sinusitis, rhinitis and asthma may appear while an employee is at work but dissipate when the employee leaves the building. Often, these feelings of illness can’t easily be explained.

Health complaints of this nature are known as “sick building syndrome” or “building-related illness.” Those suffering from sick building syndrome suspect but haven’t confirmed a specific cause for their symptoms. In building-related illnesses, a diagnosis is attributed directly to airborne building contaminants.

Not every health complaint is related to air quality. G2 systematically examines all the facts surrounding employee health complaints and assists clients in eradicating any health hazards in the workplace.

Water Intrusion and Mold

Water intrusion and mold are both naturally occurring issues that can create serious problems if not mitigated properly. A leaky pipe or roof, wet sheetrock or flooring, flooding or any other issue that causes or increases moisture may ultimately lead to mold growth if not completely dried within 48 hours. Mold can flourish inside walls and in dark, damp places where it can’t be seen. Many people become sick when inhaling mold spores over time. Upper respiratory infections, sinus issues and general feelings of illness are common symptoms reported by employees who work in buildings with excessive mold growth.

G2 Consultants thoroughly test for moisture and mold growth. We use advanced techniques such as thermal imaging to find hidden sources of moisture and mold. Samples may be taken from affected locations and sent to state-of-the-art testing laboratories. We provide detailed reports to our clients, help them interpret the results and assist in remediation efforts.

Environmental Consulting

G2 Consultants’ team of indoor environmental experts gives you peace of mind when it comes to indoor environmental concerns and compliance issues. We know our clients’ businesses wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

We love it when a solution is as basic as a change in ventilation or the removal of a particular cleaning agent. We also understand that truly effective health and safety programs are a continual process. And we work to provide solutions that boost your company’s bottom line. For in-depth investigations, G2 works with you to look at all the possibilities, perform any necessary strategic sampling and deliver reliable results.

Our goal is to work with clients and their staff to identify all problems, determine if they are hazardous and provide workable solutions.