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Our team of experienced health and safety professionals serve government, private and public sector clients in the Portland area and across the United States.

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Health and Safety Experts

With over 100 years of combined experience, G2’s accredited professionals provide clients across the United States with full-service health and safety consulting, occupational safety services, industrial hygiene services, and environmental health consulting. We work with companies of all sizes, including over 50 Fortune 500 companies across the country.

We’re not your average health and safety experts. We pride ourselves on taking a fresh, innovative approach to our work, while delivering on-time and on-budget.

Our team of expert consultants are dedicated to meeting your goals, maintaining scientific integrity, and delivering value that is unique in our industry.

We’re known for creating customized and cost-effective solutions to protect the health and safety of employees and keep systems running smoothly.

Industrial Hygiene Consulting

Our knowledgeable team of certified industrial hygienists bring a holistic and practical approach to the science of solving workplace hazards. We help clients meet and maintain regulatory compliance in all industrial health and safety areas.

G2 Consulting provides an extensive range of industrial hygiene consulting services, including:

  • Chemical exposure assessments
  • Hazard identification and safety audits
  • Personal Protective Equipment assessment and training
  • Respiratory protection services

Environmental Testing

G2 works with leading laboratories to provide reliable, high-quality environmental testing services for a wide range of industrial companies, contractors, retailers, and public and government agencies.

Our leading-edge technology allows for many tests to be performed non-invasively and provides immediate feedback. These include tests for mold, radon, lead, asbestos, and other potential environmental concerns.

Risk Management Consulting

G2 provides expert and holistic risk management consulting services for our clients.

Our team of Certified Safety Professionals and Certified Industrial Hygienists bring environmental health and safety needs into compliance with OSHA requirements and provide the tools necessary to prevent workplace accidents and injuries before they occur.

Health and Safety Consulting

G2 provides world-class safety consultant services for our clients. We offer clients strategic methods to prevent injuries, reduce operational costs, and meet and exceed compliance regulations.

Our services include:

  • Health and safety audits
  • Contract safety services
  • Total risk solutions
  • Behavioral-based safety

Portland, Oregon FAQs

You’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about our services here. If you have further questions about our services, or questions about building conditions or regulatory compliance, please feel free to give us a call.

Health and Safety FAQs

What is Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial hygiene involves the science–and art–of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and evaluating environmental stressors, as well as communicating and controlling said stressors. These stressors may possibly result in injury or illness and may impair or affect the well-being of workplace employees and community members.

G2 offers industrial hygiene consulting services to businesses and facilities in the Portland, OR region, as well as nation-wide.

What Questions Should I ask when I am looking for a Certified Industrial Hygienist?

Here are several questions you should ask an industrial hygiene consultant:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
    We recommend working with a certified industrial hygienist who has at least 5 years of experience in the field.
  • What are your certifications, and where did you get certified?
    A certified industrial hygiene consultant will be best equipped to address your concerns.
  • Are testing samples sent to an independent lab for analysis?
    It’s important to get an unbiased and accurate assessment of the concern in your business or facility. Using an independent lab for analysis can remove potential bias issues.

Why is Industrial Hygiene Sampling Important?

Industrial hygiene sampling is a critical part of reducing the risk of health issues from inhaling, ingesting or absorbing toxic chemicals. G2’s Portland-based certified industrial hygiene consultants perform chemical sampling and analysis to assess the presence of workplace contaminants, and determine the associated exposure to employees.

We know our clients have unique needs; as a result, our experienced team is committed to taking an individual approach to industrial hygiene sampling.

Covid-19 Testing

Do you Provide COVID-19 Sampling and Testing?

G2 is now able to provide COVID-19 testing for “high-traffic” areas and touchpoints around your facility. Our testing helps provide reassurance to your building’s occupants that frequently touched surfaces are reasonably free from the presence of SARS-CoV-2–the virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19. The surfaces we test include doorknobs, faucets, handles, keyboards, and other high-traffic areas around your facility.

My building has been closed for a while due to COVID-19. Do you offer building or facility start-up services?

Before your building is officially opened, G2’s consultative services can provide a thorough inspection of all building systems, along with a report of potential health risks to your employees.

This comprehensive report also includes recommendations for how to quickly address issues with industry best practices.

What Type of COVID-19 Employee Safety Programs do you Offer?

G2’s training programs help educate employees on important safety practices along with the proper use of equipment. These programs are designed to give your workforce the tools they need to maximize workplace safety.

Environmental Testing

Why is Indoor Environmental Testing Important?

Environmental testing assesses chemical, biological and physical factors that affect the health and safety of people in workplaces, homes and buildings. Our Portland, OR-based consultants conduct an analysis of indoor environmental factors in order to assist clients with their health and safety efforts.

The results from indoor environmental testing can act as important steps along the way to ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Should I be Concerned About Lead?

In the United States, lead can be found in lead-acid storage batteries for automobiles, ammunition, pipes, cable coverings, building materials, pipe fittings, radiation shielding, collapsible tubes, and fishing weights. It’s also used in ceramic glazes and as a plastics stabilizer.

If you have any concerns about the presence of lead in your building or facility, our consultants can provide lead testing services to determine if there are potential exposures.

Why is Mold a Problem?

Molds are microscopic organisms that can be found in virtually any indoor or outdoor environment. They grow by digesting organic material, and gradually destroy whatever they grow on. Mold can also potentially cause a host of health issues if it isn’t addressed. Our certified consultants are available to provide mold testing services to the Portland, Oregon region and nationwide.

What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is important to test for radon because it can potentially cause lung cancer. You can’t see or smell radon. It easily penetrates common household and building materials, including low-density plastic (e.g. plastic bags), most paints, sheetrock, concrete, wood, and insulation. It is usually found in igneous rock, soil, and well-water.

G2’s certified radon testing experts can easily provide radon testing services for your workplace or school.

Where Might I Find Asbestos?

Asbestos can most commonly be found in buildings. However, it can also potentially be in gas heaters, hairdryers, and automotive breaks.

If you are concerned your building is at risk for having asbestos, contact us. G2 provides asbestos testing services in the Portland, OR region as well as nationwide.

What is the Importance of Water Testing Services?

Since water is such a vitally important resource, it is subject to numerous environmental laws and regulations. This not only applies to drinking water, but also for the whole water cycle: from surface water to groundwater and wastewater processes.

G2 provides a wide range of water testing services, including physical, chemical and microbiological testing.

Why Should I Test for Chemicals?

Companies often seek chemical analyses for routine quality control, or for quality assurance purposes.

At G2, we use multiple methods of analysis when testing chemicals and raw materials, and our chemical testing services are customized according to each individual project’s needs.

Risk Management Consulting

What is Risk Management?

The Work Health and Safety Act of 2011 (WHS Act) states that persons who conduct business have a duty to manage the risks to health and safety by eliminating them as much as reasonably possible. This responsibility applies to all companies that fall under the WHS Act. It also applies to employers, contractors, and suppliers of substances or structures used for work.

G2’s safety, environmental and engineering experts can skillfully plan your enterprise risk management strategies from start to finish.

Why Do I Need a Risk Assessment?

There is a high cost associated with employee accidents and injuries, and most company owners aren’t aware of the full extent of this cost. Of course, the company is legally responsible for paying the injured employees medical bills and compensation for lost work, but it’s the “hidden” costs that really take a toll on a company’s finances.

G2 offers comprehensive risk assessment services in the Portland, OR area and beyond.