OSHA Top Ten for 2015

Well, fall protection takes it again.

The preliminary OSHA Top Ten Violations of 2015 were recently unveiled at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Atlanta, and fall protection once again took the top spot with 6,721 violations. It is the fifth year in a row fall protection has been number one. In characteristic fashion, the rest of the list has remained static, with the exception of ladders unseating electrical – wiring methods for the number seven spot.

Patrick Kapust, deputy director of the Directorate of Enforcement Programs for OSHA, delivered the list at the NCS Congress in September. While the final OSHA Top Ten has yet to be published, it is unlikely anything will change.

The top safety violations continue to be a good reminder to be vigilant on the job site and stay safe!

OSHA Top 10 Violations of 2015 - Infographic by Creative Safety Supply
Infographic created by Creative Safety Supply