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G2 Oversees Risk Assessments at Portland-Based Foundry

Many large organizations, especially those in the manufacturing and production industries, have internal safety and health metrics that often exceed regulatory requirements. When a company’s corporate division ordered an environmental health and safety (EHS) audit to be performed at a foundry in Portland, G2 Consultants created and executed a series of safety risk assessments on their manufacturing operations, ensuring each task and operation at the facility were thoroughly evaluated. Project Recently, a foundry, which produces metal components for the construction and mining industries ... Read more

Nanotechnology and Worker Safety

What is nanotechnology? The National Nanotechnology Initiative defines nanotechnology as "the study and application of extremely small things." How small? One nanometer equals one billionth of a meter. Or, to give a better visual, the Initiative explains that "if a marble were a nanometer, then one meter would be the size of the Earth." What does nanotechnology do? Due to their minuscule size, engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) are being added to construction materials, and we are seeing significant improvements in those materials as a ... Read more

OSHA Top Ten for 2015

Well, fall protection takes it again. The preliminary OSHA Top Ten Violations of 2015 were recently unveiled at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Atlanta, and fall protection once again took the top spot with 6,721 violations. It is the fifth year in a row fall protection has been number one. In characteristic fashion, the rest of the list has remained static, with the exception of ladders unseating electrical - wiring methods for the number seven spot. Patrick Kapust, deputy director of ... Read more

Confined Space: Final Construction Rule

As of May 1, a new rule has been issued by OSHA for confined space standards in the construction industry. While the rule does not go into effect until August 3, 2015, the construction industry is already looking at how this will impact job sites going forward. First off, the big question is how this rule is different from the confined space standards already in place.The OSHA rule in existence for manufacturing and general industry has been around for almost twenty years.  ... Read more

Top Safety Blogs to Follow

Looking for some great safety blogs? Below are some of our top picks for blogs providing current and relevant information in the world of workplace safety. OSHA  Of course, this one is a must for all of the latest occupational safety and health updates. Find it here first and stay up-to-date on breaking news in the safety world. Occupational Health & Safety Magazine This blog is always pack with fresh news and helpful information on anything from confined space to OSHA violations to all the latest on ... Read more

Fall Protection Still a Frontline Issue

On September 16, OSHA revealed the top 10 most-cited violations for FY 2014. It was no surprise that fall protection, once again, made the top of the list. This continues to be a concern in the workplace although the standards are clearly delineated by OSHA as to what constitutes adequate fall protection. See the info graphic below from Creative Safety Supply for the basics of fall protection at a glance. Although this is a huge issue, the solutions are actually quite simple. ... Read more

Hearing Loss Prevention

Noise. It is one of the most common health concerns in the workplace. Fortunately, this concern can be handled proactively in a number of different ways. If you are looking for downloadable resources or the basic facts, the CDC and OSHA have everything you need at your fingertips. For a quick visual on hearing loss prevention in the workplace, see the helpful info graphic below from G2 is pleased to offer noise assessments, whether you are needing personal dosimetry, octave band analysis ... Read more
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