Create a Safe Work Environment with G2’s Risk Management Programs

G2 Consultants helps companies across the country by crafting risk management programs aimed at promoting safe work environments and preventing safety violations from OSHA. Part of our work involves understanding common violations and how to avoid them. Each year OSHA shares the top ten most frequently cited standards. View this year’s list below:

Fiscal Year 2021 Most Frequently Cited Standards:

  1. Fall Protection, general requirements: 5,295 violations
  2. Respiratory Protection, general industry: 2,527 violations
  3. Ladders, construction: 2,026 violations
  4. Scaffolding, general requirements, construction: 1,948 violations
  5. Hazard Communication Standard, general requirements: 1,947 violations
  6. Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout), general requirements: 1,698 violations
  7. Fall Protection, training requirements: 1,666 violations
  8. Eye and Face Protection: 1,452 violations
  9. Powered Industrial Trucks, general requirements: 1,420 violations
  10. Machinery and Machine Guard, general requirements: 1,113 violations

Impacts of Safety Violations

On the job safety violations can cause delays, extra expenses, and, worst-case, the injury or death of employees. U.S. businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational illnesses and injuries (AIHA, OSHA), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, these explicit costs aren’t the only negative impact. Companies that do not follow risk management practices often experience issues with operational performance and employee retention. Fortunately, G2 Consultants can help your business manage these risks and prevent workplace accidents and safety violations.

G2 Consultants Risk Management Plans

G2’s national team of Certified Safety Professionals and Certified Industrial Hygienists are qualified and experienced providers of risk assessments, risk management plans, enterprise risk management plans, and more. We believe that through proactive initiatives, planning, and education, a successful safety culture can be instilled in your workplace. Our team also includes a former State-level OSHA enforcement officer who is an excellent resource to our clients. We bring our client’s environmental health and safety needs into compliance with OSHA requirements and provide the understanding, tools, and planning necessary to prevent workplace accidents and injuries

Risk management programs supply real economic value and help make companies stronger. G2’s experts are here to help your business reach new heights of safety and operational performance. Contact us today to get started.