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University Conducts Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment in Response to Occupant Concerns

Universities and colleges are high-density spaces that experience constant traffic throughout the day. Many colleges hold their classes in older buildings that need to be regularly assessed. The administration of a well known university utilized G2 Consultants to conduct an Indoor Environmental Quality sampling to ensure the comfort of the students and faculty. Why Was an Environmental Quality Assessment Necessary? Regular occupants of the building reported health concerns. Although previously assessed in 2012, the administration felt it was necessary to reassess in response ... Read more

Abestos Testing Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring contractors may need to determine whether asbestos containing materials are present in the flooring materials they are contracted to replace. If a building or business owner contacts a flooring contractor for renovation work, it is necessary to determine whether asbestos containing materials are present in the current flooring materials before demolition or renovation activities begin. If asbestos is detected, efforts can be taken to help ensure the safety of the building’s current and future occupants and avoid any health dangers ... Read more

Pre-Renovation Survey Readies Portland Building for Improvements

Renovations often bring exciting improvements to a facility. Careful planning ensures a favorable outcome. The planning phase is also the time when those involved must consider whether the upcoming renovations have the potential to cause health and safety issues for the building’s occupants. The managers of a City of Portland property relied on G2 Consultants to perform a pre-renovation survey that would help ensure the safety of workers and other people occupying the building during and after upcoming renovations.   Why was a ... Read more

Sewage Leak Compromises Operating Room’s Safety

A serious sewage leak from a punctured sewage line inside the wall of an operating room at a well-known local surgery center could have seriously compromised the health and safety of patients and other occupants if it wasn’t taken care of properly and efficiently. Fortunately, the situation was professionally handled and the risks were soon mitigated. A Portland construction company contacted us to conduct an inspection and perform testing in the clinic’s operating room. Doing so would help ensure that any risks ... Read more

G2’s Growing Consulting Success Recognized by Portland Business Journal

We’re proud to share the news that G2 Consultants was recently recognized for our company’s strong growth and high-quality, professional services! The Portland Business Journal acknowledged our growing success by including us in two of their annual rankings lists. G2’s honors included: On June 8, Portland Business Journal hosted an event where it revealed G2 Consultants ranks #78 on its 2017 Top 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Oregon list. In February, Portland Business Journal released the news that G2 Consultants ranks ... Read more

Assessment and Remediation of PCBs in the Built Environment: New AIHA Guidance Document Now Available

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) recently released “Assessment and Remediation of PCBs in the Built Environment” to provide guidance on the growing issues of concern surrounding PCBs in the built environment. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a group of man-made chemicals that were popularly used in construction and building materials. PCBs were manufactured from the late 1920’s until 1979 when PCB production was banned by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). An estimated 154 million pounds of PCBs were sold in the United ... Read more

Asbestos Monitoring and Consulting: Lookingglass School

Officials contacted G2 Consultants when they needed to ensure elementary school students and a local community were not at risk for harmful exposure to asbestos. In December 2016, a fire destroyed Lookingglass Elementary School’s gymnasium. Crews were on site in early February to demolish the gym before they could begin completely clearing all debris from the site. First, however, an asbestos abatement process needed to be completed to remove any potential for the public or students to be exposed to asbestos. Officials knew asbestos ... Read more
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