G2 Awarded Environmental Services Contract for the Portland Development Commission – Hazardous Building Materials Assessments

G2 Consultants has been selected to provide environmental services to the Portland Development Commission (PDC).  The scope of services for the three year contract will focus on Hazardous Building Materials Assessments, and will include:

  • Conduct environmental site assessments for due diligence purposes prior to purchase or financing of real estate and identify any remediation required to develop contaminated sites in accordance with environmental regulatory requirements;
  • Assess environmental issues on properties or in buildings, e.g. testing and remediation required prior to demolition and advise PDC on environmental building operations and maintenance;
  • Develop estimates for potential environmental remediation/abatement costs, based on nature and extent of contamination, for due diligence and planning purposes include both hard costs and soft costs.
  • Provide technical advise to PDC for negotiation of environmental regulatory requirements with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), or other local, state or federal agencies;
  • Assist in monitoring environmental requirements during construction at contaminated sites and prepare or review environmental portions of construction bid documents, drawings and technical specifications;
  • Undertake complex environmental tasks requiring specialized technical expertise on short notice;
  • Provide experienced professionals to assist PDC with environmental sampling, field oversight and environmental cleanup projects.

G2 is looking forward to being an exceptional resource to the PDC.