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Unusual Odors in a Commercial Facility: Investigating Potential Air Quality Issues

Out-of-the-ordinary odors in commercial, public and work environments can be troublesome to diagnose. They can also be concerning to occupants, particularly when they’re observed to be “moldy” or “musty” in nature. Exposures to an elevated presence of airborne fungal spores or other air quality issues can cause a host of health issues, especially if not corrected promptly. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to err on the side of caution when faced with potential mold and air quality issues. Such was the decision ... Read more

G2 Conducts Fungal Assessment at Commercial Space in Chicago, IL

Addressing fungal growth quickly--particularly after it has been spotted visually--is critical to preventing adverse health symptoms and limiting the concerns of the building’s occupants. G2 was recently called upon to conduct a comprehensive fungal assessment for a retail location in Chicago, Illinois. A staff member noticed the suspect mold growth while moving items away from a wall in the rear storage area. G2 was asked to inspect the commercial space to address concerns about the fungal growth, as well as determine ... Read more

G2 Conducts Fungal Assessment on Condominium in Beaverton

When a residential home builder and general contractor identified fungal growth on the exterior sheathing and insulation of a 4-story condominium complex, they retained G2 to inspect the property. Over the course of the project, G2 assisted with defining the scope of the repairs and determined the appropriate levels of mold remediation efforts. Project According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the presence of mold or fungus can pose a variety of health effects including, “nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, ... Read more