Improving The Work Environment: Visible Light Assessment

The lighting in your workplace matters more than you might think. Too little or too much light may cause your employees to experience eye fatigue, stress, or headaches, cause more accidents, and be less productive. Ignoring the signs and symptoms of discomfort not only puts your employees’ health at risk, but also your business. Before these potential side effects become future compliance issues, it’s a wise idea to request a visible light assessment to understand and fix the root cause.

A longtime client of G2 speculated the switch to LED overhead lights was causing the influx of  employee complaints about headaches and general discomfort. To get clarity on the issue, they requested a visible light assessment from G2.

As with every assessment performed by G2’s industrial hygiene consultants, it’s thoroughly done, measured against industry and regulatory requirements, and offers unique and actionable recommendations.

For this client, the assessment consisted of:

G2’s holistic approach covers all aspects of the workplace environment, giving clients accurate and reliable information and next steps.

Read our case study to learn more about the next steps G2 recommended for this client’s office.