G2 Provides Noise Dosimetry Services at a Portland Food Manufacturing Facility

At G2, we understand the difficulty businesses can have as they navigate compliance with regulatory bodies—-such as OSHA—while working to keep their employees safe and maintain the bottom line. Our client, the Portland branch of a national flour blend producer, brought their concerns over potentially hazardous noise levels to the right place—G2. Our expert industrial hygienists determined that noise dosimetry assessments on several employees and locations would reveal these hazards, if present.

Over the course of eight hours, G2 sampled seven employees through personal noise dosimetry and monitored 18 locations for ambient noise to determine if those levels were over the regulatory standards and—if so—what could be done to improve workplace safety.


Hearing loss from consistent exposure to excessive noise is often permanent. G2 not only helps our customers keep their employees safe, but we bridge the compliance gap—removing any regulatory confusion and improving workplace health and safety at the same time. Using expert sampling strategies and making clear recommendations for the next course of action, our noise dosimetry assessments elevate workplace safety, ensure compliance, and lower other expenses like workers’ compensation.

By having G2 Consultants assess their employees’ exposure levels, our client was empowered to improve their workplace safety and compliance. Read more details about this industrial hygiene noise dosimetry project in our recent case study. Contact us today for your industrial hygiene service needs.