G2 Provides Industrial Hygiene Services at a Portland Brewery

Part of running a successful business is maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies, such as OSHA. Our client, a Portland brewery, identified several hazards with the potential to harm their employees if found above the recommended limits. Acting proactively, they contracted with G2 Consultants for expert industrial hygiene services, including respirable crystalline silica, respirable dust, ozone, indoor air quality, and personal noise monitoring.

Over the course of one day, our certified industrial hygienists sampled both areas of the brewery and monitored the exposure of different employees to determine what—if any-–changes could be made.


Navigating regulatory compliance issues with agencies such as OSHA, MSHA, and the U.S. EPA is time-consuming and costly. G2 bridges the compliance gap by conducting exposure assessments in the field, using expert sampling strategies, and making clear recommendations for the next course of action.

By having G2 Consultants assess their employees’ exposure levels, our client was empowered to improve their workplace safety and compliance. Read more details about this industrial hygiene project in our recent case study. Contact us today for your industrial hygiene service needs.