G2 Provides Dust Exposure Assessments at Chicago Medical Supply Manufacturer

Employers have responsibilities not only to their customers, but to their employees. Providing a safe, healthy work environment is essential, and regulatory bodies—like OSHA—exist to ensure workplace safety compliance. Our client, a Chicago medical supply manufacturer, was concerned over potential production hazards to their employees. To satisfy internal safety and health metrics (as well as OSHA compliance), they contracted with G2 Consultants for expert industrial hygiene services, including respirable and total dust exposure monitoring on several of their employees.

Over the course of one business day, G2 sampled four employees for total dust exposure and four different employees for respirable dust exposure across two different locations to determine if employees were exposed to hazardous levels of dust during production.


Ensuring company procedures and operations meet regulatory standards with agencies such as OSHA and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) can be time-consuming and costly. G2 bridges the compliance gap by conducting exposure assessments in the field, using expert sampling strategies, and making clear recommendations for the next course of action.

By having G2 Consultants assess their employees’ dust exposure levels, our client was empowered to improve their workplace safety and compliance. Read more details about this industrial hygiene project in our recent case study.

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