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Kicking up Dust: An Industrial Hygiene Assessment for a Manufacturing Facility in Chicago, IL

Occupations that expose employees to dust -- fine particles of organic or inorganic material, either airborne or on the ground -- require diligence and protection from potential overexposure. Dust can cause a host of respiratory issues, depending on the type of organic or inorganic particles inhaled. It’s important for any facility manager or business owner to make sure their employees have the proper protections in place to prevent overexposure to respirable dust. Dust overexposure: conducting an industrial hygiene assessment To respond to such concerns, ... Read more

3 Important COVID-19 Safety Resources for Reopening your Facility

There have been some encouraging signs of change on the COVID-19 front: as you may have heard, the country-wide infection rate seems to be on a downward trend. Though we have a long way to go before the SARS-CoV-2 virus is contained, there is reason for cautious optimism. As a result, many companies are in a position where it is now possible for the workforce to return from remote employment. Here are five important resources for any facility manager or building ... Read more

Keeping Employees Safe: Industrial Hygiene Assessment for Semiconductor Facility

G2 is often retained for Industrial Hygiene Assessments to help facilities identify potentially hazardous conditions, as well as to assist with compliance and applicable health and safety standards. One of G2’s Certified Industrial Hygienists performed one such assessment at a semiconductor fabrication facility to address concerns about their employees’ exposure to cleaning chemicals during routine maintenance procedures. The semiconductor fabrication industry uses either a dry etching or wet etching process to remove material and create recesses on semiconductor surfaces. Part of ... Read more

Water Sampling for the Presence of Legionella at a Research and Development Facility

Facility management requires diligence to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants. This diligence should include a water management program for potable and non-potable water sources to prevent the growth of Legionella pneumophila. When this bacteria is present in drinking water or water tanks, it puts building occupants at risk of developing Pontiac fever and Legionairre’s disease--the latter of which is a severe and often fatal form of pneumonia that infects 10,000 to 18,000 Americans each year. For this very good ... Read more

Workplace Testing for SARS-CoV-2: Podcast Interview with Vital Command

Good news for businesses everywhere: it is now possible to test for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen--the virus that causes the disease COVID-19. G2’s Matt Harper, a Certified Industrial Hygienist, was interviewed by Vital Command’s AWSAM podcast about the advantages and limitations of this testing, as well as what businesses and owners of facilities can do to help keep their employees safe. You can check out the full interview on Vital Command’s YouTube channel. If you’re interested in testing your ... Read more

COVID-19 Support: The Advantages of Workplace Testing for SARS-CoV-2

As part of our COVID-19 response services, G2 offers workplace surface sampling and testing for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We’re starting to see tentative signs that businesses and facilities may be re-opening soon. Obviously, there are a great number of unknowns as to when, if and how that will happen. But one thing is clear: bringing the workforce back into an office or facility must be approached with great care. SARS-CoV-2--the virus that causes COVID-19--will continue to be a ... Read more

G2 Now Providing a Range of COVID-19 Response Services

We are certainly in the midst of unprecedented times, both nationally and globally. To keep employees as safe as possible during the course of this pandemic, numerous organizations have closed facilities and offices for the foreseeable future. However, there will soon be a point at which operations will resume, and everyone will return to the “new normal.” Now is the time for businesses to act and do the important work of preparing their workforce for a safe and efficient return. G2 ... Read more
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