Addressing Water Damage Concerns in Michigan with an Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment

Any form of water damage invites mold to grow –which it does rapidly. Repeated exposure to inhaling mold spores can wreak havoc on anyone’s health, causing chronic sinus infections, breathing problems, and other allergy symptoms. Businesses that have workers suffering from these symptoms may not connect the dots between the increase in sick leave requests and health complaints and an unhealthy work environment, leaving them with more questions than answers.  

After seeing mold along the ceiling tiles of the lunch room, triage room, and procedure room, occupants at a medical facility in Michigan sought out G2’s mold testing services to understand the severity of their situation.

G2’s mold assessment includes a limited visual inspection, microbial air sampling, and basic indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring. This comprehensive approach allows G2 to identify where moisture may be present and offer a thorough report to the client to make informed decisions.

At the medical facility, our certified industrial hygienist spotted a water intrusion along the roof system above the ceiling plenum, which appeared to allow stormwater intrusion to occur above the lunch and triage rooms. A condensation issue was also found to be causing the visible water damage in the procedure room. 

Help from G2 continues even after an assessment is conducted and findings are reported. G2 develops and provides processes and procedures for responding to minor water intrusion and a strategy to mitigate and prevent damage. 

Read the case study to see recommendations G2 offered to the medical facility to address potential health and safety risks from water intrusion.