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Addressing Water Damage Concerns in Michigan with an Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment

As a resource, water is vitally important. When it comes to buildings and facilities, however, water intrusion can be the start of potentially serious health effects for building occupants. Not only can intruding stormwater damage the structural integrity of a building, it often ends up being a catalyst for potentially harmful mold growth. The occupants of a medical facility in Michigan were concerned about their indoor environment after observing water damage along the ceiling tiles of the lunch room, triage room ... Read more

G2 Provides Emergency IEQ Consulting to Tillamook County Courthouse

G2 leads the industry by ensuring their clients implement proactive strategies when it comes to health and risk matters. In this particular case, G2 responded to an urgent call from Tillamook County Courthouse for an indoor environmental quality assessment. During a re-roofing project, liquid roofing product had leaked into the courthouse building. Occupants of the building recognized a foul odor, and were concerned about being exposed to hazardous air contaminants. They left the building and refused to return until it was ... Read more