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Four Important Indicators of Air Quality in Indoor Facilities

This past year, it seems as though the pandemic has made everyone more aware of the air we breathe. Particularly indoors, airborne pathogens can cause a whole range of problems--along with viruses, bacteria and mold in any indoor facility can also cause illness if not properly mitigated and managed. When G2 Consultants performed an indoor environmental quality assessment for a medical facility in Oregon, we paid particular attention to the following four indicators to provide important insight into whether the air ... Read more

Unusual Odors in a Commercial Facility: Investigating Potential Air Quality Issues

Out-of-the-ordinary odors in commercial, public and work environments can be troublesome to diagnose. They can also be concerning to occupants, particularly when they’re observed to be “moldy” or “musty” in nature. Exposures to an elevated presence of airborne fungal spores or other air quality issues can cause a host of health issues, especially if not corrected promptly. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to err on the side of caution when faced with potential mold and air quality issues. Such was the decision ... Read more

Medical Facility Conducts Industrial Hygiene Assessment in Laboratory

One of our Portland, Oregon clients moved into a medical facility and, after four months of occupation, noticed transient odors. The medical facility recently underwent a complete renovation, including an upgraded HVAC unit servicing the laboratory. Transient odors are a cause for concern, as specific airborne contaminants can have adverse effects on laboratory processes. VOCs can also negatively impact employee health and performance as well. Our team provided industrial hygiene services through long-term area sampling to learn more about their indoor air ... Read more

Indoor Air Quality- Metal Contaminants in Industrial Building

One crucial factor that can be harmful to indoor air quality is the presence of metal contaminants.These contaminants are found in settled dust or surface coatings such as painted metal. Dust-laden metal particles are known for causing adverse health effects such as asthma, skin and eye irritation, and potential cancers. Metal wipe samples are used to identify the existence of such metals. Situation A client from Portland, Oregon called on G2 to test for contaminants in an industrial space due ... Read more

Particulate Matter Testing for Production Facility

Particulate Monitoring Assessment Addresses Dust Exposure at a Production Facility Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems are used to control indoor air quality through filtration. In order to guarantee occupant comfort, it is necessary to have a capture system that accommodates the space accordingly. A local client called upon G2 Consultants to conduct particulate testing to assist with the design of a capture system for their production facility. What Was the Particulate Testing Process? Smaller dust particles can be hazardous for humans. Our assessment ... Read more

University Conducts Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment in Response to Occupant Concerns

Universities and colleges are high-density spaces that experience constant traffic throughout the day. Many colleges hold their classes in older buildings that need to be regularly assessed. The administration of a well known university utilized G2 Consultants to conduct an Indoor Environmental Quality sampling to ensure the comfort of the students and faculty. Why Was an Environmental Quality Assessment Necessary? Regular occupants of the building reported health concerns. Although previously assessed in 2012, the administration felt it was necessary to reassess in response ... Read more

Consolidation: All About ASHRAE and IAQA

ASHRAE and IAQA are joining forces. In January, consolidation between the two well-known organizations in the Indoor Environmental Quality Industry was formalized at ASHRAE's 2015 Winter Conference. Leadership for both organizations have expressed excitement about the merger, and are hopeful the synergy between the two will provide greater resources and opportunities for their members. ASHRAE, which stands for the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, has been around since 1894 and IAQA, or the Indoor Air Quality Association has been in existence ... Read more