Water Sampling for the Presence of Legionella at a Research and Development Facility

Water is essential to our health and well-being, but unfortunately, not all water sources are safe. It’s important for drinking water or tank water to be free of radon, lead, and bacteria like Legionella pneumophila. Legionella pneumophila is linked to Pontiac fever and Legionnaires disease—the latter being a serious form of pneumonia. The only way to know what’s in your water is to get environmental testing done. 

When a research and development facility in Oregon spotted the growth of Legionella pneumophila in one of their two cooling towers and disinfected the area, they wanted to be sure their efforts were effective enough to eliminate the bacteria entirely. The facility requested G2’s water testing services with the hopes that G2’s samples would yield no detectable traces of the bacteria. 

This kind of request is assigned to a certified G2 industrial hygienist, trained and ready to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and develop controls for occupational health hazards and environmental issues.

For a water sampling request, a G2 industrial hygienist arrives onsite to collect samples, which are then sent off to an accredited laboratory like the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s lab. G2 prides itself on working with top-quality labs that produce accurate and reliable results. 

G2’s comprehensive water testing services also include the optimization and functional analysis of water treatment and technical advice for water distribution companies. 

Take a look at what G2 discovered from the water sample collected at the research and development facility and if the results ended up providing the client with what they were looking for: no more Legionella.