Noise Exposure Assessment for a Food Production Company in Oregon Architecture Firm

Loud noises in the workplace can become a problem outside of the workplace, too. Exposed employees may have ringing or humming in their ears or may experience temporary hearing loss after they leave work. If the exposure is severe and persistent enough, the risk is permanent occupational-hearing loss. To prevent these symptoms and protect employees, employers must take action to get their noise levels checked out by a professional.  

A food production company in southern Oregon requested a noise exposure assessment from G2 to ensure employees weren’t exposed to noise levels that exceeded Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists’s regulatory and occupational exposure limits. 

A certified G2 industrial hygienist carries out a noise exposure assessment. An industrial hygienist is a person who is professionally qualified by education, training, and experience to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and develop controls for occupational health hazards and environmental issues.

A G2 industrial hygienist can analyze the effect the noises have on exposed employees and identify the source of the loud noises. From there, unique recommendations are formulated for the situation at hand to ensure health and safety standards are met for the workplace and its employees short and long term. 

The key to ensuring optimal employee health and safety is consistency. After a noise assessment is complete, G2 is there to answer questions, perform sampling, fulfill reporting requirements, and conduct routine exposure monitoring when requested.

To learn more about what G2 found in the noise assessment for the food production company in southern Oregon and what custom solutions helped make their workplace healthier, read the case study.