Kicking up Dust: An Industrial Hygiene Assessment for a Manufacturing Facility in Chicago, IL

Everyone is exposed to dust in some way. However, workers in the agricultural, industrial, manufacturing, construction, and medical fields may find themselves more frequently exposed. Avoiding overexposure to dust is critical to preventing respiratory issues among employees and maintaining a healthy work environment. 

Dust is a familiar substance in a medical manufacturing facility near Chicago, Illinois, where employees handle fibrous material in a process that could potentially stir up a lot of dust. To understand their employees’ exposure to total and respirable dust on the manufacturing floor, the facility managers requested an industrial hygiene assessment from G2 Consulting.

G2’s team of certified industrial hygienists conducts exposure assessments in the field, using expert sampling strategies, and making clear recommendations that comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Mine Safety and Health Administration, and Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. 

When it comes to industrial hygiene, G2 follows five tenets that are recognized as industry best practices: anticipate, recognize, evaluate, prevent, and control hazards. 

G2 puts these five tenets into action by providing clients with employee health and safety guidelines and a well-thought-out strategy for implementing controls that lead to a safer workplace.  

For the manufacturing facility’s assessment, G2 monitored five employees and used personal air sampling methods to determine their level of exposure to dust.

Discover what G2 found from the industrial hygiene assessment and what unique solutions were provided to ensure the health and safety of the medical manufacturing facility’s employees.