Health & Safety Consulting for a Habitat Restoration Company

When companies experience growth and expansion, they often struggle to evolve their health and safety plans to accommodate this growth. That’s where G2 Consultants comes in. Our client, a Baltimore-based habitat restoration company with locations across the country, faced training challenges at its Portland office. With new employees and numerous seasonal hires coming on board, they asked G2 to assess their current health and safety plans and provide training recommendations to ensure the safety of their new team.


The direct correlation between a company’s culture and its long-term success is easy to define. Therefore, companies that invest in health and safety standards and building a culture of safety see those expenses returned through less turnover, higher productivity, and fewer workers comp claims.

By having G2 Consultants assess their current protocols, our client is empowered to improve their workplace safety through our recommendations. Our team also provided training topics and helped our client prioritize training and establish health and safety standards for their new staff and seasonal employees.

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