G2 Provides Health and Safety Consulting Services to Portland, Oregon Architecture Firm

Health and safety programs in the workplace are successful when employers are committed to providing employees a safe and healthy environment. This can include offering training on safe work practices, performing routine check-ups, and complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. While some workplaces may have full-time health and safety professionals on staff to fulfill these tasks, others may look to industrial hygiene consultants

G2—a full-service industrial hygiene company that provides occupational and environmental health and safety consulting—was called on by an architecture firm that provides Construction Managers as agents to the General Services Administration (GSA). They retained G2 to review their general contractor’s health and safety programs and perform safety site inspections throughout a six-month construction project. 

Before any construction work began, G2 reviewed the health and safety programs. Including G2 in the review process can minimize bias and offer valuable insights from accredited professionals. Every G2 health and safety review comes with actionable recommendations to help organizations meet and exceed regulatory compliance, reduce operational costs, and keep their employees safe, healthy, and productive. 

The construction project—an exterior restoration for the GSA building—began after the review. Throughout the project, G2 performed a dozen onsite inspections to evaluate safety measures and identify potential violations of occupational safety standards. Frequently cited OSHA violations include fall protection, hazard communication, respiratory protection, scaffolding, and ladders. 

With help from the latest technological advancements, G2’s experts understand what factors cause workplace health and safety issues and the best methods to prevent them. Discover what changes G2 made—and what the consultancy recommended—to ensure the project ran smoothly and resulted in a safe work environment.