G2 Provides Emergency IEQ Consulting to Tillamook County Courthouse

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) is a term that describes occupant comfort in a building or other indoor space. When exposed to poor IEQ, employees may experience headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sore throats, eye irritation, and other health symptoms. While these symptoms tend to disappear after the person leaves the exposed area, it does not mean the complaints should be ignored. Addressing these concerns are critical for improving employee health and increasing productivity. 

G2 offers an IEQ assessment to understand how indoor air quality, sound, lighting, and other variables impact employees. This service can be provided immediately if an urgent matter comes up–like it did for Tillamook County Courthouse.

During a re-roofing project, a liquid roofing product leaked into the courthouse, leaving a foul-smelling odor that was hard for building occupants to ignore. Worried about their exposure to a hazardous contaminant, the occupants refused to return to the courthouse until the issue was resolved and it was safe to do so. The courthouse called on G2 to check on the severity of the issue. 

G2’s highly qualified environmental testing consultants can determine where smells are coming from, if they are harmful, and offer solutions to fix the issue. Even on a tight deadline, G2 is equipped to ensure IEQ issues are addressed in a thorough and cost-effective manner. For the Tillamook County Courthouse, G2 provided written and actionable information within an hour.

Read the case study to see what G2 recommended for the Tillamook County Courthouse to help them create a healthy and safe environment.