G2 Oversees Risk Assessments at Portland-Based Foundry

Foundry workers can be exposed to many different types of health hazards, including fumes, gasses, heat, and noise. Acute or chronic exposure to these hazards has the potential to cause skin, eye, or throat irritation, or serious respiratory diseases like silicosis and lung cancer. Having an accredited professional perform a risk assessment can help identify these potential hazards and manage workplace health and safety.

A Portland-based foundry looked to G2 to complete around two hundred safety risk assessments on their manufacturing operations and create risk assessment documents for every task. While the requested turnaround time was tight, G2 was quick to take action to help improve business operations and ensure employee safety.

G2 worked alongside the foundry employees and followed a process similar to the step-by-step process that the The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends, outlined below:

  1. Collect information about workplace hazards
  2. Inspect the workplace for safety hazards
  3. Identify health hazards
  4. Conduct incident investigations
  5. Identify hazards associated with emergency and non-routine situations
  6. Characterize the nature of identified hazards, identify interim control measures, and prioritize the hazards for control

Every risk assessment from G2 includes strategic methods specific to the client and their needs to help them prevent injuries, reduce operational costs, and improve production, employee performance, and corporate culture.

G2 thoroughly assesses the physical workplace and documents at-hand, provides clients with important health and safety information, and ensures their operations comply with OSHA requirements. Read how G2 helped the foundry revise and implement a number of protocols to keep their business and employees operating efficiently.