G2 Provides Environmental Testing Services at Woodburn Home

Wildfires—even when they don’t reach a residence—can cause damage and present health hazards through environmental contaminants such as ash, soot, and char entering the home via windows, vents, and HVAC systems. Our client, a resident of Woodburn, OR, reached out to G2 after several wildfires in her area led to concerns from her insurance company.

G2 Consultants tested six areas within the home and HVAC system for concentrations of ash, soot, and char to determine the level of contamination and provide remediation recommendations if necessary.


G2 Consultants’ team of indoor environmental experts gives you peace of mind when it comes to indoor environmental concerns and compliance issues. Once our team of professionals assesses a client’s indoor environmental challenges and needs, we develop a plan to help ensure occupant health and safety. For businesses, we create a compliance plan to help them operate more effectively and efficiently.

By having G2 Consultants test the contamination level in her home, our client was able to satisfy her insurance company’s request while also receiving peace of mind regarding her health and the health of her family. Read more details about this environmental testing project in our recent case study. Contact us today for your environmental testing service needs.