G2 Conducts Fungal Assessment at Commercial Space in Chicago, IL

While molds are a natural part of the environment, they should not be growing indoors. Just the presence of mold can indicate a larger issue at hand, such as a leak in the pipes or walls or high humidity levels. It can even cause poor health when inhaled over time. 

Addressing it quickly by calling on a professional can help prevent its spread and protect a building and its occupants from mold exposure.  

A staff member at a retail location in Chicago requested G2’s mold testing services after seeing mold growing in the rear storage area. They wanted to know more about what, if any, moisture-related issues could be causing it. 

Upon visiting the site, G2 noticed visible mold in the rear storage. They also saw fungal overgrowth on two adjacent walls and behind the cove base of the corridor walls. 

The employees revealed that the corridor flooded several times from the tenant spaces above over the past year. The water extraction services previously done overlooked the wall systems and adjacent areas. G2 identified mold growth in both of these places.

The mold growth identified was enough to warrant remediation, which involves removing, cleaning, and treating the affected areas. G2’s remediation process helps clients nationwide continue business and maintain a healthy work environment. 

G2 creates a customized mold remediation plan when a mold problem in the workplace arises, which makes all the difference when it comes to minimizing damage and the negative health effects on employees. 

Read the case study for this project for further details, including what solutions and recommendations G2 offered to remediate the affected building and ensure employees could safely return to the workplace.