Asbestos Awareness Week is April 1-7

During this week, we join others to raise awareness about the potentially fatal health effects of asbestos exposure. While many may consider it a problem of the past, exposure continues to be a reality, especially to those who perform maintenance, repair and demolition work.

OSHA provides several helpful fact sheets and a thorough overview on workplace requirements and employee rights here. There is no room for companies or individuals to claim ignorance on this issue.

While it may be tempting to cut corners when dealing with asbestos-containing materials, take a lesson from Mayor Ed Hozza in the township of Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Hozza was slammed with criticism, potentially endangering himself and others, when he decided to sand down a floor with confirmed asbestos-containing floor tiles in a community building.

G2 is committed to industry standards of excellence when it comes to dealing with asbestos. Currently, we are working with the Winston-Dillard School District in southern Oregon to ensure a safe demolition of the former Dillard Elementary School. G2 has performed an asbestos inspection, will work with the district on abatement project design, and will conduct air monitoring throughout the demolition process to ensure the safety of all workers on site.

Check out the comprehensive infographic below from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. How can you help raise asbestos awareness this week?

Dangers of Asbestos Infographic

Image courtesy of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.