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Abestos Testing Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring contractors may need to determine whether asbestos containing materials are present in the flooring materials they are contracted to replace. If a building or business owner contacts a flooring contractor for renovation work, it is necessary to determine whether asbestos containing materials are present in the current flooring materials before demolition or renovation activities begin. If asbestos is detected, efforts can be taken to help ensure the safety of the building’s current and future occupants and avoid any health dangers ... Read more

Asbestos Monitoring and Consulting: Lookingglass School

Officials contacted G2 Consultants when they needed to ensure elementary school students and a local community were not at risk for harmful exposure to asbestos. In December 2016, a fire destroyed Lookingglass Elementary School’s gymnasium. Crews were on site in early February to demolish the gym before they could begin completely clearing all debris from the site. First, however, an asbestos abatement process needed to be completed to remove any potential for the public or students to be exposed to asbestos. Officials knew asbestos ... Read more

Senate Approves Asbestos Legislation

On April 30, 2015 the Oregon Senate approved legislation requiring contractors to have asbestos surveys conducted prior to demolition work. While regulations are currently in place requiring asbestos testing prior to renovation, the bill specifically seeks to protect residential neighborhoods from potential asbestos exposure during demolition activities. With the growth of the housing market in Portland and beyond, the risk of asbestos exposure in neighborhoods due to demolition and reconstruction is a growing reality. You can view the actual bill here, or get ... Read more

Asbestos Awareness Week is April 1-7

During this week, we join others to raise awareness about the potentially fatal health effects of asbestos exposure. While many may consider it a problem of the past, exposure continues to be a reality, especially to those who perform maintenance, repair and demolition work. OSHA provides several helpful fact sheets and a thorough overview on workplace requirements and employee rights here. There is no room for companies or individuals to claim ignorance on this issue. While it may be tempting to cut corners when dealing with ... Read more

Oregon Business Penalized $9,600 for Asbestos Handling Violations On Corvallis Business Campus – March 2011

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a $9,600 penalty to an Oregon business for allowing an unlicensed contractor to perform an asbestos removal project in one of its business campus buildings, in Corvallis last summer. The Oregon business allowed a flooring contractor to begin a carpet removal project in the commercial building in late July 2010. While removing the carpet, the flooring company’s employees disturbed about 456 square feet of underlying, asbestos-containing vinyl floor tile. The employees broke the tile ... Read more

Oregon Contractor and Building Owner Penalized $15,600 for Asbestos Violations – February 2011

Grants Pass Firms Penalized Total of $15,600 for Asbestos Violations on Building in Grants Pass The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has penalized two Grants Pass businesses a total of $15,600 for environmental violations stemming from an asbestos removal project at a commercial building in Grants Pass last fall. DEQ issued a $9,600 penalty to an Oregon maintenance business located in Grants Pass, for performing an asbestos project without a license. DEQ issued a $6,000 penalty to an Oregon building owner in Grants ... Read more