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Welcoming new talent to the G2 team!

We’re excited to announce that Sean Friend, Grace Graner, Karah Roof and Aaron Monto have recently joined the G2 Consultants (G2) team as project specialists. All four individuals are based out of G2’s Lake Oswego, Oregon office. They will be utilizing their background in the sciences and their industry experience to help our clients maintain and achieve regulatory compliance, primarily as it pertains to regulated building materials, including asbestos and lead. Our new team members will also be responsible for conducting field ... Read more

Kicking up Dust: An Industrial Hygiene Assessment for a Manufacturing Facility in Chicago, IL

Occupations that expose employees to dust -- fine particles of organic or inorganic material, either airborne or on the ground -- require diligence and protection from potential overexposure. Dust can cause a host of respiratory issues, depending on the type of organic or inorganic particles inhaled. It’s important for any facility manager or business owner to make sure their employees have the proper protections in place to prevent overexposure to respirable dust. Dust overexposure: conducting an industrial hygiene assessment To respond to such concerns, ... Read more

3 Important COVID-19 Safety Resources for Reopening your Facility

There have been some encouraging signs of change on the COVID-19 front: as you may have heard, the country-wide infection rate seems to be on a downward trend. Though we have a long way to go before the SARS-CoV-2 virus is contained, there is reason for cautious optimism. As a result, many companies are in a position where it is now possible for the workforce to return from remote employment. Here are five important resources for any facility manager or building ... Read more

Four Important Indicators of Air Quality in Indoor Facilities

This past year, it seems as though the pandemic has made everyone more aware of the air we breathe. Particularly indoors, airborne pathogens can cause a whole range of problems--along with viruses, bacteria and mold in any indoor facility can also cause illness if not properly mitigated and managed. When G2 Consultants performed an indoor environmental quality assessment for a medical facility in Oregon, we paid particular attention to the following four indicators to provide important insight into whether the air ... Read more

New COVID-19 Requirement Updates for Oregon Workplaces

November 16th 2020 With the resurgence of COVID-19 infections across the state, the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA) has adopted a temporary rule to address COVID-19 risks in the workplace. This rule will remain in effect until May 4, 2021 unless it is revised or repealed before that date. The purpose: to protect employees in the workplace against potential exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the pathogen associated with COVID-19. These requirements are applicable to all workplaces in the state. ... Read more

Keeping Employees Safe: Industrial Hygiene Assessment for Semiconductor Facility

G2 is often retained for Industrial Hygiene Assessments to help facilities identify potentially hazardous conditions, as well as to assist with compliance and applicable health and safety standards. One of G2’s Certified Industrial Hygienists performed one such assessment at a semiconductor fabrication facility to address concerns about their employees’ exposure to cleaning chemicals during routine maintenance procedures. The semiconductor fabrication industry uses either a dry etching or wet etching process to remove material and create recesses on semiconductor surfaces. Part of ... Read more

3 Important Things to Know About Radon Testing For Schools

Chances are you have heard about radon--an invisible, odorless, radioactive gas. What you may not know is that it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the country. Given the serious health hazards associated with radon exposure, radon testing is highly recommended for anyone who owns or occupies a building. In some cases--such as testing in school districts in certain states--it is mandatory. Radon can be found in any building, in any state, at any time. Luckily, it also ... Read more
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